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Spanish Curriculum Overview
Mr. Reisel, Encore
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Peacock Middle School

The emphasis of the Spanish program at Peacock Middle School will be to provide exposure and a foundation of the Spanish language. To accomplish this goal, students at 6th and 7th grade levels will be involved in a nine week Spanish language program along with a full-year of 8th grade Spanish for identified students. The goals and objectives are listed below.

6th & 7th Grade Encore Spanish A Curriculum (9 Weeks)
Goal: Students will be familiarized with the Spanish language with an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary.

Objectives: Students will be able to understand and apply the following: classroom terms, greetings, introductions, leave-takings, numbers, time, classroom information, dates, weather, and asking for assistance, present tense verb conjugations, classroom and food vocabulary. Through the use of  spoken dialogue and written exercises, students will enhance their the articulation skills in the Spanish language. 

8th Grade Year-Long Spanish
8th grade students have been given the opportunity to receive Spanish during the entire school year. This class has been aligned with the Lake Park Spanish curriculum.

Goal: Students will be provided with a foundation in vocabulary and grammar acquisition through application of prior knowledge of the Spanish A curriculum with use of conjugation of verbs.

Objective: Students will be able to understand and apply present and past tense verb conjugations, literacy skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), vocabulary extensions in the Spanish language in areas such as: travel, hospitality, family, shopping, home, and music. Students will continue exploring the the different types of Spanish cultures.  Through the use of dialogue, an emphasis will be placed upon the usage of the language to enhance the students’ overall interpersonal, interpretive and presentation communication skills.