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F.E. Peacock Middle has exciting opportunities to participate in Middle athletics, as well as other extra-curricular activities. We offer cross country starting in September, girls’ basketball in October, boys’ basketball in November, girls’ cheerleading/poms in December, boys’ and girls’ volleyball in February, and boys’ and girls’ track in April. There is a no-cut policy in cross-country and track. In basketball, volleyball and cheerleading there are tryouts initiated by coaches to choose their Driving Directionsrespective rosters.
Interscholastic Athletic Manual 
Team schedules are also available here.

In order to be eligible to participate in our athletic program, there are two general requirements that must be met:

1. Any student wishing to participate/tryout for an athletic event must have an up-to-date athletic physical on file with the school nurse.*

2. Students must have a parent/guardian sign a Peacock School permission form in order to participate.

*Peacock offers an opportunity for sport physicals with certified physicians usually on a day in mid August (TBA), as more a convenient and economical option.

- Sports Pre-participation Exam Form
Interscholastic Athletic Manual