Peacock Art Education Goals

Mrs. Dolan Art Education
Peacock Middle School

The Middle level art program provides the student with various art experiences that involve the ue of: line, shape, space, color, value, texture, unity, contrast and movement. Art experiences include these basic elements at the sixth, seventh and eighth grade levels. Through these basic elements of art, the student develops a personal ability to interpret, criticize and make choices with discrimination.

Each performance activity requires an increasingly complex response by the student as he/she progresses through the curriculum. Through each grade level, the student increases his perceptive and manipulative competencies. Through meaningful experiences in art, the student becomes visually aware and increasingly capable of meeting standards of quality in his/her work.

The goals of this program are to:

1. Develop individual and creative potential.

2. Develop perceptual awareness.

3. Visually and verbally communicate.

4. Achieve attitudes of adequacy, self-woth and confidence in art.

5. Value art, artist's contributions, one's own art and peer's art achievements.

6. Demonstrate understanding of principles of art.

7. Show skill in control, care and safe use of materials, media and tools of art.

8. Use appropriate criteria to discuss, analyze and evaluate perceptual experiences and art works.

9. Demonstrate culture's impact on art

10. Relate art and other subject areas.

11. Recognize vocational and avocational uses of art.

12. Approach problem solving in art with creative, intellectual behavior.