Peacock Art Room Expectations

Mrs. Dolan Art Education
Peacock Middle School

BE RESPECTFUL: Every student has the right to a safe and secure classroom; you do not have the right to jeopardize that in any way. Be respectful of yourself, your environment, your fellow classmates, and your teacher.  Treat other the way you want to be treated.

BE RESPONSIBLE: The Oxford dictionary defines responsible in this way: "1) Liable to be called into account 2) morally accountable for one's action, capable of rational conduct."  Act rationally, choose wisely. Recognize your own role in building a fun and productive community of learners and artists.  Understand there will be consequences, both good and bad, for your actions.

BE SAFE: Think about where you are and whom you are with.  We must guarantee against harm or injury to another.  Think. Ask yourself is this worth it? Would I want this done to me or to my property?  I will not tolerate, nor should you, any behavior that takes away from the safety of this classroom, nor will the school.

BE COOPERATIVE:  Time and again you will be asked to do something that you may not like or think is worthless.  Be mature; work through it.  You may find that "getting there" is half the fun.  Be a team player, be a friend. Our world demands that you work well with others.  Every new day is a great time to start practicing.

BE A WORKER: Do your job! Challenge yourself to stay focused and be productive.  You are here, use your time wisely.  Slow down… craftsmanship counts.

BE CREATIVE:  Take risks.  Be open to trying new things, be honest with yourself and who you are.  Be receptive of other's ideas and opinions.  Be bold!

BE PEACEFUL:  Here again, the Oxford dictionary defines peace as : "1)Freedom from disorder 2) quiet, tranquility, serenity 3) a mental calm."  Creativity thrives in peaceful environments. Do your part to help us create one.  EARN PEACE POINTS… earn rewards!

DISCIPLINE: Matters of discipline will be handled in conjunction with the Encore Department's 4-STEP program.  Steps are cumulative throughout the entire quarter.  

STEP 1: Verbal Warning
STEP 2: Written Warning; requiring parent signature
STEP 3: Behavior Adjustment Time; 30 minute detention served with teacher
STEP 4: Administrative Action

GRADING: Student work will be assessed according to a rubric, discussed and made available to students at the beginning of each unit.  Assessment of student art work is objective and based on a set of pre-determined criteria.  Students will also be graded on a series of presentations, critiques and research inquiries, and will receive a final grade for their Sketchbooks/Research Journals.