Peacock Art Education Curriculum

Mrs. Dolan Art Education
Peacock Middle School


This course is an introduction to various materials and their use through a series of learning experiences which enable each student to develop an aesthetic awareness of the environment. Students will demonstrate the basic skills necessary to participate in the creation of various art projects and demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of art in relation to the creation of their artwork. Emphasis will be placed on skill in techniques, care and safe use of art media and tools. Students will also be exposed to various artists and cultures and their impact on historical and contemporary art.


  1. Elements of art: color, line, texture, value, shape, form and space.
    Principles of Design: balance, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, pattern, movement,
    and unity.
  2. Basic drawing methods
  3. Color Mixing and Color Theory
  4. Introductory Painting Techniques
  5. Basic Ceramic Handbuilding
  6. Tools, techniques and processes
  7. Art History, Art Criticism



This course ensures a series of learning experiences that expose the student to various cultural influences and their impact in the world of art. Students study the history and development, past and present of various arts and crafts. Each student is given the opportunity to interpret, analyze and create his own unique art statement based on the particular culture or artist being studied. Proper use of various equipment, tools, techniques and media are emphasized.

  1. Application of Principals of Design - balance, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, pattern, movement, unity and Elements of Art: color, line, texture, value, shape, form and
  2. Handbuilt Ceramics
  3. Beginning Photography-Photograms
  4. Painting and color theory
  5. Tools, techniques and processes
  6. Art History, Art Criticism



This course develops the student’s expanding skills in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Various artists and cultures past and present are also studied. The student is introduced to formal watercolor washes and related techniques. The student has the opportunity to expand his/her knowledge of various printmaking, drawing skills and techniques.

  1. Review of art Elements and Design principles
  2. Drawing
  3. Watercolor painting
  4. Relief printing
  5. Advanced Ceramics
  6. Graphic Design/Photoshop
  7. Tools, techniques and processes.
  8. Art History, Art Criticism