Encore Department Safety Letter

Dear Parents,

The Encore Department would like to welcome you and your children to Peacock Middle School. We would like to inform you of your child’s responsibility to know and practice safe working habits in our classrooms.

Safety is an integral part of the Art and the Industrial Technology programs. Because there are inherent hazards in our laboratory work, which utilizes machines, tools and various materials, a considerable amount of attention is devoted to safety instruction.

Each instructor has safety rules that will be discussed in class. It is your child’s responsibility to learn and follow these rules, as well as to use common sense and good judgment when handling materials or using tools and equipment.

A student’s failure to follow classroom safety rules will result in immediate consequences. Teachers may issue after school BATs, remove students from laboratory activities or issue detentions depending on the severity of the action.

If you wish to see these rules, ask your child to show them to you or contact your child’s instructor.

We would like to encourage you to discuss the importance of this subject with your child. We thank you for your involvement and your cooperation.


The Encore Team